You May Now Beat The Hell Out Of Your Bride

When I read stories like this, it makes me wonder why people go through the effort of having a wedding at all. Apparently a newly wedded couple got into a brawl, attacked each other and their guests, and then spent their wedding night in jail cells. It’s all very salacious – and reminds me of those Dr. Phil shows about the Worst Wedding Stories Ever. Usually those stories are about other people or the weather screwing up the nups, but this one is about the “happy” couple themselves.

These stories make me angry. And embarrassed. Can you imagine being a guest at a wedding like this? Would you ever speak to the bride or groom again? I would not. It offends me. It says they’re not taking marriage – or a wedding ceremony – seriously. I realize I have no skin in this game, but I feel sorry for the people who are there to support this couple when they are obviously too ridiculous to handle even their own wedding ceremony. It reminds me of the sort of people who jump into swimming pools with all their clothes on because they think it makes them funny or fun. I just don’t get that.

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  1. Ms. Aloha says:

    This is worse than or similar anti-bride displays.

  2. caraellison says:

    I know! It’s really lame. (Btw, I haven’t seen

    To add to my misery, this weekend the boy suggested that if we get married he wants monkeys and lasers at the wedding.

    Men. What the hell is wrong with them?

  3. caraellison says:

    Just checked out I’m not really opposed to anyone trashing their wedding gown – it’s theirs to do with what they please – but I feel bad because if it’s a nice gown, then its a work of art. And they’re expensive. If you’re going to dismantle your gown, maybe you should make it into another piece of clothing that you can wear every day. Or something. I just don’t see the point in destroying $8,000 worth of handmade silk.

  4. $8000? Who spends that much on a dress? You say that like it’s common. It isn’t.

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