Caylee's Hair Found In Trunk, Mom Goes Back To Jail

CNN reported an update to horrific Caylee Anthony case this morning. A hair found in the trunk has been identified as three year old Caylee Anthony’s.

Additionally, Jose Padilla, the celebrity bounty hunter who put up Casey Anthony’s bond, is revoking her bond. “I am not Britney Spears,” Mr. Padilla said, and indicated that he and his employees were being stalked and threatened by media coverage. “She is going back to jail on Saturday,” he said.

It would appear that the case is finally gaining some momentum, though I think we all know where it will end.

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  1. Caycee and Family,
    George, if I were you, I would abandon these 2 b**tches. They have caused you nothing but heartache! And for you Caycee, I hope that each time you close your eyes you see little Caylee asking Why did you hurt me mommy? We all know that you killed her! We may never know exactly what you did to her, but God does and he has a special place in Hell for you. It will be much worse than what any human could ever do to you! I think that I would much rather confess and ask for forgiveness than I would to face God and be sent to hell. Cindy-we all know that you are covering for your daughter and you will go to hell as well.

  2. Why don’t we find this baby’s fathers family and then we can find out what they may or maynot know about this presious child?
    What happened to the body hunters that was suppose to be looking into this,somebody call Siliva Brown for god sake and lets get some real leads.
    The police protect there own and Casey being the child of an ex cop and at least a lover of an other may have protection and grace or favors from within.

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