In Praise of Palin

I spoke too soon about refusing to vote this election.

I will vote for Sarah Palin. I’m completely fed up with John McCain, but he chose a running mate that I would trust to be president. She’s pro-life (obviously – five children!), she’s pro-business, and she screams authenticity. Until today she’s never even crossed into my radar – which I think is a good thing. Maybe the best thing, since it implies she’s not an attention whore begging for votes and adulation. She looks positively unstudied. She’s natural, beautiful, tough. I haven’t seen that kind of natural-ness ever. Hillary was positively straining against her reins the whole time she’s been in the public eye. Obama is a moron. Even John McCain is a boring idiot. But Palin? I’d vote for her for president, but I’ll have to settle for electing her to vice president for now.

I think this is the first positive thing John McCain has done since he announced his candidacy.

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  1. Larry Croix says:

    Solved my delima too.

  2. Hurrah! Now I won’t have to hold my nose as I pull the lever/ink in the little bubble/punch the chad/touch the screen/whatever method they have to offer at my voting venue this November.


  3. I agree, she’s a phenomenal VP candidate. I was still going to vote for McCain (or rather, vote against Obama), but now I’m actually excited about it.

  4. caraellison says:


    Same here. You *know* how utterly disgusted I was by McCain, but now I’m thrilled to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket!

    (PS. I hope you’re well! I worry about you!)

  5. I agree, brilliant VP pick on McCain’s part. I didn’t see that coming at all.

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