Journalistic Silence

I became interested in how the media shaped the story when I began to notice that news reports often left out exonerating details of Enron stories. After that, I had to wonder what else was going on that the media didn’t report or chose to over-report. Today, while sifting through the 400 pages of Caylee Anthony documents, I was shocked that I hadn’t read anywhere that George Anthony had been cheating on Cindy Anthony. The allegation was uttered by Casey Anthony’s boyfriend, Anthony Lazzaro. He says that Casey said she “hated” her father, and that her father had been unfaithful to her mother.

Why hadn’t I heard that in any of the reports that have crossed my browser? To my mind its not especially favorable to anyone – but it is rather salacious, which means it would have fit inside the frame of this story quite well. So why the silence?

This isn’t about the Caylee Anthony case specifically, or even the Enron case. It’s about how those with the loudest voices get to write history, even when its wrong.

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  1. I have to ask the question — what difference does it make about George Anthony and what he is or isn’t doing regarding his marriage?

    To me, that would be just another deflection on Casey’s part, in her mind- yet another way to try to get the focus off of her.

    Just like she brought the detectives in a “backwards” (Self admitted) way to try to find Caylee.

    This woman has done nothing but hinder any efforts in finding this little girl, and the callousness of her demeanor regarding all of this is shocking.

  2. David McKenzie says:

    Those with the loudest voice get to write history? I agree; the loudest voice, or the most guns. And when you question, you are marginalized or called a fool. Just ask Vincent Foster or Kee Dewdney.

  3. caraellison says:


    It makes no difference at all. And it might not even be true since the allegation originated with Casey Anthony and we know her history of telling the truth is pretty thin.

    But I found it interesting that rumor wasn’t publicized.

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