More Drama In The Caylee Case

This morning Casey Anthony was arrested and taken in handcuffs from her parents’ Orlando home back to jail while protesters and onlookers waved “Baby killer” signs. According to a new arrest affidavit, Anthony allegedly wrote about $700 worth of checks that had been stolen. From Orlando’s Channel Six:

Detectives said they have Anthony on surveillance video using the stolen checks belonging to a friend at a Target store and a Bank of America.

Local 6 has also learned there could be more charges to come for Casey Anthony.

In a recently released report, Casey Anthony allegedly used a routing number off a birthday check her grandmother gave her.

But that’s not the end of the bizarre behavior of Casey Anthony.

Earlier Friday, Local 6 News exclusively obtained e-mails from Casey Anthony that she sent to a 12-year-old girl she befriended since being bailed out of jail.

The e-mails, letters and a bracelet were sent to Dakota Skii, a St. Cloud Middle School student, who helped organize a vigil in St. Cloud earlier this month for Caylee Anthony, who has been missing since mid-June.

“I can’t imagine what they’re going through, and I just want to help them get through this,” Skii said at the vigil.

Skii, who believes Caylee is still alive, was hospitalized with a severe stress-related medical issue after hearing that sources recently said DNA results and air sample tests from Casey Anthony’s car suggest that Caylee is likely dead, Skii’s grandmother, Lois Peter, told Local 6 News.

Peter contacted Local 6 News about the relationship and has since informed law enforcement, saying she hopes the Anthonys do not feel betrayed and that she wants the “madness” to end.

Peter said she called Casey Anthony’s mother, Cindy Anthony, after Skii was hospitalized to inform her of the situation.

“I heard Casey in the background, and she was crying. I was like, ‘Yeah, Casey. Just tell us what happened to Caylee,'” said Peter, who believes that Caylee may have died accidentally.

Casey Anthony sent Skii an e-mail on Thursday night, saying, “If you need anything, I’ll do anything I can, and more.”

Skii also received a bracelet with the words “my friend, my sister” from Casey Anthony.

A hand-written note sent to Skii from Casey Anthony said:

“Hey Sweetie! I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for my family. I am really looking forward to seeing you. We will schedule something very soon, I promise. I would love to have you spend the night, and spend time getting to know each other. You are such an amazing girl and already a true friend. We are so blessed to have you and your Mom in our lives. I love you. Thank you for my gift (a stuffed animal), I named him after you. I will see you soon. Love, Casey”

This is just very odd. Twenty-two year old women do not normally befriend twelve year olds. And… spend the night? That’s deep in Michael Jackson territory. But nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony was charged with child neglect and filing a false statement in mid-July, about a month after she said she last saw her daughter, Caylee. An ankle bracelet is currently monitoring her on home confinement at her parents’ house after she was bailed out of the Orange County Jail last week.

Also on Friday, Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony, tossed two chairs and other items and threatened to call authorities after two men were sitting outside his home between the sidewalk and the street.

“Get off my property. This is my property and this is my property,” said George Anthony while pointing to his yard and the grass between the sidewalk and street.

A neighbor intervened, holding George Anthony back from the two men, who said they were at the house to take pictures and try to see Casey Anthony.

“I don’t care how big you are or how small you are,” George Anthony said before placing his hand under the arm of one of the men and pushing him back. “Next time I see you or anyone else on my property, I will file charges.”

“I think (Casey Anthony) needs to be re-arrested, and I hope that happens. I want to be here when that happens,” the man who was pushed said.

“The person who was in the back of my daughter’s car was not my granddaughter,” George Anthony yelled.

Shortly after the incident, two Orange County sheriff’s deputies arrived at the house to serve criminal witness subpoenas to George and Cindy Anthony and their son, Lee Anthony.

“It’s the trial period that was set for the criminal case,” a deputy said. “They’re from Nov. 17 through Nov. 28. These came from the State Attorney’s Office this morning. It’s to put them on standby for the trial for a two-week period.”

Threats of violence against Casey Anthony and her family have escalated after DNA results indicated the child is likely dead and a decomposing body was in the woman’s trunk.

“(Callers are saying) kill the (expletive), burn the (expletive) and fry the (expletive),” the bounty hunter who helped free Casey Anthony, Leonard Padilla, said.

The threats have become so frequent and so violent that Padilla said Casey Anthony and her family are no longer safe and are easy targets for people who could harm them.

“Most of (the callers) are nuts,” Padilla said. “They are abusive and they are probably out of their minds but you can’t pass up the fact that somebody might just do something stupid. Something has to be done and the safety issue is paramount to us.”

A group of people were waiting outside Anthony’s parents’ home for a chance to confront the family about missing Caylee Anthony.

“(Casey Anthony) does not deserve the air she breathes,” resident Denise Payton yelled outside the Anthony home. “And her parents, I don’t know how they live with themselves.”

“They are disgusting people,” resident Tamara Silva said. “Anybody with any kind of sense whatsoever knows they are hiding whatever and they know,” Silva said. “I knew from day 1 that baby was not alive.”

Padilla had said he is throwing Anthony back in jail and revoking her bond for her safety and his peace of mind.

Padilla had said he wants to get Anthony back behind bars now that there is talk that protestors may be planning a demonstration against her.

Drone May Be Used In Search

Searchers claiming to have better location technology than most police departments, including drone planes and sonar, will launch a massive search for missing Caylee Anthony over the weekend.

Caylee has been missing since mid-June and her mother, Casey, was arrested on charges of child neglect and filing a false statement in mid-July, about 31 days after she said she had last seen Caylee.

The group of volunteers from Texas is in Orlando planning the high-tech search for the child.

One of the people scheduled to be involved in the Equusearch effort will be the mother of missing student Natalie Holloway. Holloway vanished in Aruba in 2005.

Equusearch founder, Tim Miller, said his group has helped with a lot of major missing person’s cases, including the Elizabeth Smart case.

Miller said he hopes to find Caylee alive.

“My own daughter disappeared when she was 16 years old,” Miller said. “The police said she was a runaway and I knew she wasn’t. And 17 months later her body was found two miles from my house.”

Besides Sonar and drone airplanes, the group also could use ground-penetrating radar in the search.

The effort begins Saturday.

Yech. The more I learn about this case, the more I begin to believe that genuine evil exists.

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  1. HennyPenny says:

    “The person who was in the back of my daughter’s car was not my granddaughter,” George Anthony yelled.”

    I read somewhere that George is actually Casey’s step-father, which would make Caylee his daughter, not his granddaughter. Think about it. That’s the thing about these people. If you listen they do tell the truth. It makes me sick.

  2. caraellison says:

    During Casey’s bond hearing, Cindy Anthony was asked if she had any children, and she replied yes, she had two. She was asked if both children were George’s, and she replied yes. I believe George is Casey’s biological father since I’ve seen nothing to indicate otherwise.

    Even so, if you were right, George Anthony would be Caylee’s step-grandfather – under no circumstance would Caylee be his daughter.

  3. What does it matter if they are incestuous or not? We already know that they are a vile family, reminiscent of the cockroaches that scuttle quickly in circles when the light is shone quickly on them. Even though I do not believe Cindy and George Anthony are complicit in the child’s death, they are wholly and completely unlikeable and unsympathetic. I’ve never seen a family so distasteful on every level. Rest in peace, Caylee.

  4. Does anyone know if Casey had just started stealing within the last few months, or is this just typical behavior for her?

  5. Regarding the photos that Casey deleted: Does anyone know if the detectives were able to access them to look for landscape, etc. where Casey may have taken her?

  6. caraellison says:

    I am reading the 400 pages of documents and I can say this: those are good police. The two (Melich and Allen) are doing the classic good cop/bad cop (Melich bad, Allen good). These documents are just astonishing.

    I’m used to reading the Enron documents – where there is some space to breathe . But these documents make me feel itchy; I keep getting up to stretch or walk around. I can only take them in small doses.

  7. Yes, the police were absolutely playing good cop/bad cop. What I found interesting is that the “good cop” – she kept embellishing with. She’s the kind of girl that can pick up on things and run with new stories pretty quickly. With the bad cop, she was very…quiet. Couldn’t say a whole heck of alot.

    I thought her interrogation at Universal was absolutely astounding in her utter lack of interest in finding Caylee. Complete denial of responsibility, and did you realize when reading she referred to Caylee in past tense? She “loved” the playground. She “loved” to go places.

    Wouldn’t a Mom who thinks her daughter is alive say “she LOVES the playground”?

    Every person who has been to the Anthony home since Casey was released prior to her arrest last night, has sadly admitted that Casey has not been interested nor involved in trying to find her daughter; even the men from Eqqusearch interviewed as well as the bounty hunter Padilla were angry and surprised that no one has been pressuring her to talk – and she’s not coming forward to even try.

    This whole case is disgusting.

  8. summer skye says:

    Very worrying that Casey referes to Caylee is the past tense. Scott Peterson also slipped up in a few interviews by referring to Lacy and Connor in the past tense.

  9. why does the word accident keep coming up when there has been no evidence of an accident or why would anyone believe anything that comes out of Caseys mouth

  10. The comment about George Anthony being Caylee Anthony’s father what the….. is wrong with you?? How did you even come up with that? For some dumb reason that comment bothered me. I do believe that anyone would know, it would make Caylee his step-grandaughter. Caraellison, explained it very nicely!! Sorry to everyone reading this.
    I just wish Casey would speak up, say something. How can a mother be so cold and selfish. Caylee is her blood.

  11. HennyPenny
    EEeeeeeyew! That would be beyond sick and creepy if George was Caylee’s father! I just recently learned that George is Casey’s STEP-father.

    That would certainly explain the mystery surrounding Caylee’s father. I always thought it a phony contrived story about Caylee’s biological father dying in a car wreck. How convenient! Doesn’t Casey know DNA could be obtained from a close relative of his for proof? I wonder what his family has to say about it? That she’s a liar, probably. I think I heard they wanted nothing to do with her. Surprise surprise!

    For some reason, the Anthony’s want to keep this stepfather fact under wraps. Apparently, that very elderly man in the nursing home is Casey’s real father. That means that Cindy had sex with a man who was somewhere between 20-40 years older than her! He looks decades older than Cindy. What does that say about him? How old was Cindy when this happened?

    Casey took Caylee there for the last time to see her dad. She was probably trying to make him feel bad somehow.

    That is so creepy, but you know what? I think George could be the father. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. This must be the most dysfunctional family in town!!!!!

  12. Sam10, Your theory is completely off-the-effin-wall. You seriously think “the old man” i.e. Cindy’s FATHER, is also Casey’s FATHER? That’s a complete lie with absolutely nothing to back it up.

    Isn’t this sad story twisted enough without all the fairytale inclusions?

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