Obama Aunt Found Living In Boston Slum

Another impoverished Obama relative, an aunt, was discovered in a Boston slum. While the article is fascinating, perhaps the most fascinating thing is that it was published on an English website, not in the American media, which has blacked out negative news on the Chosen One.

The hypocrisy of Obama talking about his fate being tied to those of the black community and being “literally my brother’s keeper” and letting his brother live in a Kenya slum hut with an income of $12 a year and allowing his aunt to waste away in Boston is nothing short of breath-taking. Why is he not redistributing his wealth to his own family?

That’s crazy and sad and hypocritical, but it’s not as outright nefarious as this:

She declined to answer most other questions about her relationship with the presidential contender until after the November 4 election. “I can’t talk about it, I just pray for him, that’s all,” she said, adding: “After the 4th, I can talk to anyone.”


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  1. jessicarrot says:

    That is not surprising at all. I’m not defending Obama but I think people treat their families worse than a stranger sometimes… Think Obama will share some wealth with me? I’d really like to afford to get my kid’s teeth fixed…

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