Obama's Blackwater

Lastnight, the One seized the airwaves to brainwash us – and apparently he was successful since no media this morning is mentioning the “Civilian National Security Force” he mentioned.

This domestic force, which would violate posse comitatus, is ostensibly needed because “our military can’t do it all” and he wants to “fully fund” this force to the tune of $500 billion – the current national defense budget – which would give us a one trillion dollar budget for national defense.

What on earth would Obama do with such a force?

Is it ironic to anyone else that the Democrats who so loathe Blackwater are attempting to install its equivalent in our domestic territory?

See ya in the gulags!

(A great discussion about our new overlords can be found at Little Green Footballs)

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  1. “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”
    Adolf Hitler

    “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.”
    Adolf Hitler

    Oh wait; it’s okay to compare Bush to Hitler, but I’m sure it’s (gonna be) a felony to campare The One…

    This guys just scares the F*&K out of me.

    This election is wearing me out too

  2. David McKenzie says:

    So glad you caught that one — it is very scary — however – you need to check out section 1076 of the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007 — signed into law, and requested for insertion into the bill by G43. Let’s drop our partisan guards, (just for a moment), and consider who, why, what and how there might be a shifting definition of public emergency. Could a bank run be considered one? Could be, especially if you are the one who gets to decide what it means.

    Now, there are some who say that section has been repealed. If it has, good. But let’s just keep in mind, if invoked before, could easily be again. I just don’t know how to search all of that stuff out.

    It’s not just the Big O threatening your individual rights, it’s the whole government. And I’ll stop there before you accuse me of being conspiracy minding thus passing out ‘just ignore him cards’ with my comments.

  3. Larry Croix says:

    Some day most of us will realize that the left is far more intolerant than the right they demonize. Hope it is not to late.

  4. David, you are right; it is the government as a whole that is threatening our rights. However, with the histories of McCain compared to Big O/Pelosi/Reid, the choice is clear. At least McCain and Palin have actively taken on corruption, even within their own party.

    I fear that Big O, coupled with Pelosi and Reid would have dire consequences not only for our individual rights, but for the very foundation of our nation.

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