Post Surgery

I had surgery yesterday and since then have been given a morphine/vicodin cocktail every three hours. It helps with the pain for about 90 minutes then I just try to lie very still and ignore the pain as best I can.

Very strange experience, surgery. The crunch blonde female doctor said hi, the anesthesiologist put a mak over my face and said, breathe deep. I did and the next thing I remember was somebody saying my name and saying I had been out of surgery for hours. Thank the lord for drugs that black you out like that.

I have been told, tho I refuse to actually look and confirm, there are 3 incisions, one of which is through my navel. I feel beat up, too much pain to care that I have 3 scars instead of one. Or none.

There is a rumor that I will be discharged today. If so, ill post my pix of the ambulance ride. And maybe my stitches.

Because really, that’s all that’s going on in my world right now.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re done with the surgery. Now rest and get better! ;)

  2. David McKenzie says:

    Normally when I hope that you are in stitches, I am hoping that you are laughing… hope that comes soon. Take care.

  3. Cara,
    I’m glad you made it back into the world of the living. Sorry about the pain. Abdominal surgery…ouch! Hopefully you are healing super fast and can take it easy for a good long while. ((hugs))

  4. I hope you are fine.
    But.. I don’t hear the wolf crying this time.

  5. Yes, I meant the Wolf Crying.. since the wolf and sheep are always the same person here.

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