Stupid Appendix

This was in the ER



Then they drove me in an ambulance to the big hospital:


These were after the surgery in my hospital room.
These were wonderful sox. I was really thankful for them. Warm and cozy.


See the red thing between the two cups? It’s an inhaler. The doctor oh so casually said, “You weren’t breathing after surgery so we used an inhaler on you.” Thanks.






IV again

The room again.


Got dressed and snapped my IV, which was pretty gross after two days.


About to leave the hospital – my foot and a pile of gowns.


I am home now and in a lot of pain but I have Captain Vicodin so I have moments where I can actually stand up or sit up for two minutes or so.

Stupid appendix.

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  1. LOL, you are the only person I know who would take pictures despite the pain (and it f’ing HURTS!). Glad to see you back; I hope you and Capt V have a peaceful day! ;)

  2. Even sick, you crack me up! Glad you’re doing better. Sorry about the pain.

  3. caraellison says:

    : )

    Thank you everyone for your good wishes.

  4. Hey, I think you get to keep the socks. So you are down one appendix, but up a pair of socks. Now remember to keep breathing!

  5. glad you are feeling a bit better…oh yeah nice legs ;-)

  6. caraellison says:

    Tim, I think you just said the perfect thing. : )

  7. I have to agree with Tim, nice legs. Most importantly here’s hoping for a speedy recovery. Get well soon!

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