The Family

I feel a new obsession coming on. I’ve got a lot to say about the mafia, but this weekend, while recovering from my appendectomy, I found myself watching Sopranos nonstop; I had collected them for months on the ole DVR so I had hours and hours and glorious hours of them. Then, after getting Sheila’s opinion of the Godfather, I gobbled a coupla Vicodin and ran to Target for the dvds. I’m still trying to organize my thoughts on the subject, but I think this might become a full-on thing, though I can’t see it displacing Enron or even Sylvia Plath.


Watched the first one. Still processing it. Haven’t seen the second one yet. I’m saving it for a special occasion.

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  1. David McKenzie says:

    Careful, I was Godfather obsessed a couple of years ago. There is a huge amount appeal; family, loyalty, acceptance, someone covering for you, order; gee if it wasn’t for all of the crime, exploitation, murder and blood, it wouldn’t be that bad.

  2. And I think the sequel is even better, like I mentioned to you.

  3. David McKenzie says:

    Concur! But it is only so powerful because of what it rests on.

  4. I never understood the fascination with the mob.

  5. I am with you Chris – I have never seen an episode all the way through.

    Oh yeah Happy Thanksgiving!

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