Cara Ellison on Sex Tape: "So What…We're In Love!"

Cara Ellison was arrested and arraigned today on 753 counts of securities fraud and white collar crimes including conspiracy, wire fraud, insider trading and bribery. After posting a $7 million bond, she walked outside with her attorney, who spoke briefly to reporters.

“My damn client didn’t do anything wrong,” said Robert Langston in his Texas drawl. “The government damn well knows it and we intend to prove it at trial.”

When an unidentified reporter asked about the sex tape that has been posted on the internet, Cara Ellison broke her silence and said, “So what?!”

Mr. Langston attempted to calm her but she said, “No, I want to answer this. What I do with my boyfriend is my own business. The fact you have it on tape does not make it your business. I was breaking no laws. And besides, we’re in love.”

Robert Langston appeared uncomfortable beside her and said, “Are you finished?”

Cara Ellison replied, “I guess so.”

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  1. David MacKenzie says:

    …I doubt that Cara is ever finished!

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