Women Of Wall Street

Dealbreaker is (ahem) all over the story of the ladies of Wall Street who have decided to take their clothes off for money. Their comments are funny as usual. The ladies (I won’t post their pictures here, but they have them at DB) will never make me look at Wall Street the same way again. To whit:

Tara DeGregorio, a “former executive assistant” at “an elite Fortune 500 company.” Tara’s business wisdom: “I was a rule breaker. I liked high stilettos and cute skirts. I tried to abide by the rules, but I pushed the envelope whenever i could, especially in the summer.”

1. “A former executive assistant”? Playboy’s definition of what qualifies as “Wall Street executive” is pretty liberal.

2. “I was a rule breaker” does not reconcile with “I tried to abide by the rules.” Way to go, genius.

Here we have Alicia Taylor, a managing member at Mortgage Solutions. Before the markets tanked, she was “literally about to buy a plane.” Alicia’s motto is, “If you stay ready, you’ll never have to get ready.” Taylor seriously adds, “I never want to get caught with my pants down.”

And now her dreams of a Gulfstream have flown away, along with her ability to ever get a job on Wall Street again.

The pictures are pretty funny. DB covers up the naughty bits with pictures of Timmah!

This sort of thing seems a little short-sighted to me. I’m not judging women who pose for Playboy, but I think that the first economic downturn that has you running to take off your clothes for what DB calls a spank mag, maybe you’re not really cut out to deal with the stress of Wall Street.

That being said, how come Playboy hasn’t come up with “Women Of Blogosphere” yet?

You must check out the vintage 1980s version of the Women of Wall Street. It’s hilarious. I am posting this one photo because I can not get over the ginormous PAN AM building in the background.



Turns out one of the ladies, Denise Uzan, is now Ninette Denise Uzan-Nemitz, Hedge Fund Manager. Judging from the website, I’m going out on a limb and saying that Playboy didn’t exactly catapult Ms. Uzan to the highest highs of Wall Street. Oh yeah, that’s because women executives on Wall Street would never fucking pose for Playboy. They have real jobs.


I can not believe that I actually got three emails within 7 seconds of each other from people asking if I remembered the Women of Enron edition. Oh yes, I remember. I have the DVD. I’ve never actually watched it, but I have it because it had the E on it. And yes, the women in that vid were admin assistants; you’re not gonna find Amanda Martin and Rebecca Mark in that vid. Why, kids? Because Amanda Martin and Rebecca Martin have real jobs.

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  1. Bloke From Virginia says:

    You could start your own …

    ; )

  2. Cara Ellison says:

    That’s not a terrible idea. Maybe a calendar. But we’d have to sell a bazillion of them to make it worthwhile.

  3. Wow, that link is scary. It makes me appreciate our modern waxing technology!

  4. Cara Ellison says:

    I admit I had a similar thought. The 1980s must have been just hell on the men with the womenfolk looking so ….um…natural. Yay for 1990s girls!

  5. The men did not speak up in the other sex conversation. I bet they won’t speak up here either. It is funny to see a conversation about sex where it’s all women.

  6. Cara Ellison says:

    Sean said a few things on the other post but you’re right, the menfolk don’t really like these posts.

    Or they just have better sense than the womenfolk and keep their private thought private. Unusual for men on the internet, but I have a pretty interesting audience.

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