Hueston To Remain On The San Bernardino Case

The political situation in San Bernardino is spiraling out of control. And who better to suss out the truth than John Hueston, currently handling the lawsuit against former tax assessor Bill Postmus and five others. After a three-month investigation, Mr. Hueston uncovered such crimes as certain employees only working seven hours a day instead of eight.

But Mr. Hueston is not finished with San Bernardino County yet. The Board of Supervisors will vote Tuesday on whether to double — to $500,000 — the contract with the Orange County law firm of Irell & Manella.

The problem with hiring John Hueston is that you’re hiring John Hueston. He’s a weasel: sneaky, underhanded, dishonest, and not blessed with any intellectual depth.

The District Attorney this week brought charges against another of Postmus’s staff, citing the report that John Hueston issued as proof of Rex Gutierrez’s wrongdoing. Naturally, Hueston is taking credit for the arrest – which is angering the District Attorney. Hueston’s unquenchable desire for power would be funny if not for the frightening consequences.

Before this is over, I expect at least half a dozen new arrests, and Hueston will be there, cheerleading all the human misery he can drum up.

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  1. It can be a real mess in Superior Court. But it sounds like you really don’t like this Hueston fellow. Maybe he should find a more palatable way to spell his name. You might like Mud. :-)

  2. elpinchi says:

    I read John Hueston’s 33-page report to the San Bernardino Board of Supervisors. After reading this exhaustively boring report, I asked: “Where’s the beef?” As a former Department of Defense auditor, familiar with ferreting out waste, fraud and abuse, I have to say that Mr. Hueston’s report does not meet the burden of proofl. I does not comply with the standards of reporting. There is simply no evidence to support his conclusions. Interviews with disparaging tax assessor employees and Rancho Cucamonga Councilmembers who are political competitors of Rex Gutierrez, is an insufficient basis for the allegations being made by Mr. Hueston. His report has caused a “feeding” frenzy on the part of the District Attorney, who has done irreparable harm to Rex’s reputation. His indictment of Rex is a disservice to the community. I am certain that this is the DA’s last political job. The voter’s will simply oust him at his next election.

  3. We have proof on the fraud that city of ontairo and san bernadino county and how they abuse out court system to there advantage and tax assessor’s office they charged our taxes over 60.00.00 and our yearly taxes were only 90.00 per yr due to our property was purschase in 1800. they sold our land and wells they sold it to the LA airport see the joint prowers agreement between city of ontairo and LAX ..we hold the orginal pioneer DEED for township 1 South ,range 7 west…and township 2 …plus add/property located upland,san antoino hgts rancho cucamoga.and wells the water rights etc…

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