Great Moments In The EBS Trial

Tony Canales: Now how old of a man are you today, sir?

Scott Yeager: I’m 53.

Canales: All right. And how old of a man were you when you were doing this business about the — you know, getting into the fiber optic?

Yeager: Well, ’89. So what’s that sixteen years ago. So 40 something. Is that right?

Canales: At least the lawyers behind me, they are all whispering to me different numbers. We will work it out later.

Yeager: I am good at math, not arithmatic.

I just love Yeager’s line there. He is flat-out adorable. And the correct answer is:

When the trial was going on in 2005, 1989 was sixteen years previous. That would have made Mr Yeager 37 years old. But like Einstein and myself, Mr Yeager’s brain is far too advanced to quibble over children’s arithmatic.

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  1. I always tell my husband he’s good with math but not arithmetic. Its funny, but accurate.

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