Exclusive 9/11 Photos

A friend who works at Goldman Sachs, One Liberty Plaza, right next to the World Trade Center, took these photos a few days after September 11.

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  1. Observer2000 says:

    We should never forget these pictures. Go down to pictures 6 and 7 and notice the walkway across the street to the other WorldTrade buildings on the harbor. Those are much newer.

    After the 1993 explosion I used to have to go across the street at that overhead crossover. I would use the traffic lights to tell me when to go and sit there and look up at the Twin Towers while waiting.

    At that time in 93,94,95,96 as I worked in the downtown district I could not imagine what it would be like for them to come down. I decided it would be impossible for that to happen and if the 93 bombers failed, it would never happen.

    I never imagined an implosion or airplanes as bombs. I used to be in awe of those two buildings standing on that corner looking up at them while I waited for the traffic lights to change.

    I had a friend on the first plane. Danny fought the terrorists and he was stabbed and left to bleed to death. He was a hero.

    I thought he would not have sat there doing nothing the second I heard he was in First Class on the Boston flight. I told other friends I could not believe Danny would sit there if all they had was knives to stop him. We all watched the buildings burn and then collapse.

    No one knew what had happened as it unfolded that day. I heard years later on the History Channel that he did fight them, they cut his throat and left him on the floor and made everyone move to the back. It was reported by a flight attendant via phone before the plane hit the building that a passenger was on the floor and not moving.

    Like many people I saw the second plane hit on TV. I did not think the buildings would implode and was stunned when it actually happened.

    I will never forget that day. None of us should.

    I am an American Patriot and fear for my country from outsiders attacks. We are a target and we have to be ready and take action.

    After all this information on this blog has disclosed about the DOJ, I now also worry about freedom dying slowly from within. Rotting from within.

    It seems that abuse is systemic not isolated or the facts would have won over by now. The new guys could look at the record see it is flawed based on the facts and drop the case against the remaining people. They did not. They took up the banner and are still attempting to put people in prison. This is now the Obama DOJ not the Bush DOJ. They are the same just different names.

    Our soldiers in all the Wars since WWI did not fight and die for our government to abuse their power.

    We must remember 911 forever. We must support our troops, our police and our firefighters. We should support our Agencies who protect us. That does not mean they can abuse this trust and power for any reason.

  2. Cara Ellison says:

    I had no idea you knew Danny Lewin. What an amazing man he was – I did not know him so I arrived at this opinion based on what others, such as yourself, say about him.

    I find it terribly sad that sometimes we only meet these heroes after they are gone. That is why it is important to really appreciate those amazing people in your life every day and not wait for something terrible to happen.

    I like to imagine you in New York. I think I told you that before. It amuses me. : )

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