Cara Ellison's Advice For The Men Who Work For Her

1. There’s nothing you can do behind your desk that can’t be more effectively accomplished with a beautiful, long-haired, chain-smoking woman lying naked next to you in bed.

2. Suits are cool, as long as you wear them without shoes or socks.

3. Bribery is an acceptable form of argument.

4. Never sign your tax returns. Have your wife do that.

5. Meat is not murder. Meet is murder.

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  1. All sound advice, as usual. If you will allow me to add one of my own–You can discover almost anything you to need to know about a woman by looking at her feet. If you look correctly, feet are the true window to the soul.

  2. Cara Ellison says:

    Oh yes. I left that one out. Also:

    When in doubt, hand me your wallet then do pushups.

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