FBI Destroys Evidence In Caylee Anthony Case

This YouTube video of a Florida newscast shows that the FBI destroyed critical evidence in the Casey Anthony murder case. A small heart sticker that was placed over little Caylee Anthony’s mouth was used for evidence in a search warrant that allowed police and FBI to search Casey Anthony’s arts-and-crafts closet for similar stickers. The original sticker was then destroyed by the FBI when a latent fingerprint examiner underwent the fingerprinting process on the tape where the sticker was affixed.

The FBI also failed to take photographs of the sticker.

While I believe that Casey Anthony is probably guilty of murdering her child, I also think the FBI and prosecutor’s offices should be held to the strictest possible standards. This kind of sloppiness is not unheard of either. In the past four years there were numerous reports of FBI computers being “misplaced” (a startling statistic shows that approximately 3-4 FBI computers get misplaced every month, 166 in the last 44 months). In recent months, FBI wiretaps used to eavesdrop on suspected criminals because of the bureau’s repeated failures to pay bills.

The FBI folks I know are generally good guys when you get to know them personally. But when they have the power of the United States government behind them, and they are trying to build a case these kinds of mistakes are downright terrifying.

Several Enron people told me that the FBI was much worse than the prosecutors because the FBI didn’t know what was important or not. And at least one agent told one witness to lie on the stand.

So there are problems, is what I am saying here.

I hope Casey Anthony gets a fair trial and then is put to death. But the “fair trial” part is the most important, in my opinion.

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  1. WendyinCalif says:

    So what, some evidence is lost or destroyed. Isn’t it always? Can we expect 100% perfection from all human beings – look at the sorry state of the world if you need an example. The boys screw up ALL THE TIME. Casey killed her little girl and deserves to not share the world with us any longer because of it. The mother’s lack of despair at this toddler’s absence speaks volumes. Casey murdered her child once and she would murder her child again if she posed a threat to her social life.

  2. Cara Ellison says:

    Wendy, I agree that based on what is known right now, Casey Anthony is most likely guilty. But I want a better justice system – one where the PROCESS is as important as the outcome. Anyone who reads my blog, knows I am really talking about Enron here. The Enron cases were rife with prosecutorial abuse and nobody really seems to care because the media said they were all guilty.

    Well, they aren’t.

    The record shows they are not guilty.

    I don’t expect 100% accuracy. But I would like to see prosecutors take their jobs a little more seriously.

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