Rush Limbaugh In Hospital With Chest Pains

Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital today and admitted with chest pains, according to multiple reports. For several weeks, I’ve been meaning to write about the importance of Rush Limbaugh, and now seems like an excellent time to do that.

I first began listening to Rush in the late 1990s. Then, for whatever reason, I drifted away. I returned in 2002 and have listened pretty regularly since then. Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer, detractors say in an effort to discredit his opinions on politics and issues of the day. It is true that Rush is an entertainer, but so is Barack Obama.

Rush Limbaugh revolutionized entertainment and brought conservatism into the mainstream. Liberals went batshit crazy when they got wind of a man who was unapologetically conservative and stone-cold certain of himself. The Orwellian named “Fairness Doctrine” was created solely to put Rush out of business, but Rush has endured. Some twenty one years on, he’s still infuriating liberals.

And delighting conservatives. Yet for all our adoration, Rush actually does very little. He doesn’t organize protests. He had nothing to do with the 9/12 movement and the Tea Parties this summer. He believes those things will spring up organically.

The big secret about Rush Limbaugh is that he is ‘reactive’. He reads the papers and comments on them. He doesn’t just start launching into a tirade. Always, his comments are in reaction to one of the goons in the media or Congress doing something stupid.

Rush Limbaugh is irreplaceable. There is nobody else who can come close to him. I look forward to his three hours of sanity every day. Usually I listen to the podcast while I run, and it always inspires me to go just a little father, a little faster than I believed myself capable. For the world, he provides commonsense commentary on the insanity of liberalism. And yes, he does it in an entertaining way.

I hope Rush gets well soon. He’s supposed to be back on the golden EIB microphone on Monday. I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. Rush woke many people up from the dead. He is a world leader of conservatism. He is healing in the same place that saved my daughter 6 months ago. I pray he has the great success as she fought for so dearly.

  2. I still remember when I came home from Korea in the early 1990s. I found Rush while driving across the country on my way to a new base. My Mom, a life long democrat, told me then, “That Rush Limbaugh is dangerous!” It only took almost 20 years, but she voted Republican last election and now listens to Rush.

    I hope the dangerous Mr. Limbaugh recovers post haste is back “firmly ensconced behind the golden EIB microphone” asap.

  3. Bloke From Virginia says:

    Well said, Cara. When I first saw the news move on the wire, my first reaction was “Rush is irreplaceable.” Here’s hoping we don’t have to try doing so any time soon.

  4. David MacKenzie says:

    While I certainly wish Rush a speedy recovery… irreplaceable?

    And I do appreciate his vaulted place in the American conservatism, but… irreplaceable?

    I thought he had been replaced. First by Fox News, then by Glen Beck. Isn’t Glen just a Rush who tweets?

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