Stupids On The Right

I don’t usually turn on my own kind, but something disgusted me and I need to talk about it. A certain segment of pro-life people on the Right can be a little… how do you say… insane? I am pro-life. I believe strongly in adoption and prevention, and never in abortion. That being said, the people who have had abortions, regret it, and then create websites for their “little angel”, I’m sorry, you’re whacked. That’s creepy. And sad. And you should get counseling to deal with your decision. Along the same line, those jagoffs who post pictures of abortions? That is horrible – which is why you post them. But they offend those of us who would never in a million-bazillion years get an abortion. They offend everyone. It is what is it: lurid, horrific pictures of a murdered person. I don’t need to see that. Nobody wants to see it; it is too sad, too awful, too violent. I agree with your position, but not your tactic. In fact, your tactic makes you an emotional terrorist. Also: those morons who preach against homosexuality. It’s none of your business. Period. Find a new hobby.

Since I care about the issue of abortion, I feel it is necessary to speak out against the creeps who dominate that discussion.

I don’t care about homosexuality; those who do are just insufferable.

I care about conservatism as a whole. I’m not suggesting we should be a “big tent” party (I always hated that phrase). I’m suggesting we become a smaller tent party. Have those idiots on the fringes move closer in. Quit being the excuse the Left uses to criticize all of us.

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  1. Bloke From Virginia says:

    Yes, there are many cringe-inducing moments when conservatives are shown on TV. I think this is because heartland conservatives generally are not PR-savvy.

    Perhaps because not everything is political for conservatives, they seem to be less able to move more fluidly through that milieu than leftists.

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