iPad… At Last

And the angels did sing.

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  1. So, will it save the newspapers?

    I think not. Maybe if they had started taking the Internet threat/opportunity seriously 15 years ago, had strategized & executed intelligently, and had care more about their shareholders than about promulgation of their political biases. But not now.

    iPad discussion at Chicago Boyz.

  2. Sorry, I guess I didn’t drink enough coolaid. ;-)

  3. David MacKenzie says:
  4. Cara Ellison says:

    I am cringing at the iPad jokes. iPad with wings… really? iTampon?

    Ugh. It is clear Apple did not consult any women about the name. The first thing a woman would have said is, “do not relate this device to cramps, bloating, and messiness.”


    iTab would have been better. Hell, anything would have been better.

    But I’m still going to buy one.

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