Amityville Horror House For Sale

Long Island, long renowned for its iced teas, finally has something else to crow about. The Amityville Horror house is now on the market for $1.5.

Here’s the scene of the crime:

It looks like a really pretty, normal house now. None of that weird evil static you get from, say, the JonBenet Ramsey house.

Take a gander:

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  1. I have the book “The Night the DeFeos Died,” and it is chock-full of pictures of the house. I’ve always thought it was a pretty house (has a small kitchen, though.)

  2. Michele Catalano posted something about this. Both this and the Joel Rifkin house are for sale.

  3. Cara Ellison says:

    Lisa, I like the style of the house. Would you live in it?

    I think I could live in the JonBenet Ramsey house. It’s a knock-out gorgeous house. But I just don’t know. I remember when I jogged by it… I know it sounds silly… but it felt like there was this dark, evil cloud around it. It was 2 degrees colder in front of that house than anywhere else on the street and there was just a vibe that even now makes a chill go up my spine.

  4. Oh, yeah. I love old East Coast houses.

  5. They were going to sell the Poltergiest home instead, but your property values tend to go down when the actual house is sucked through the Gates of Hell.

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