Sylvia Plath Day

How often do we get an opportunity to pinpoint to the minute when an obsession begins? Not often at all; at least for me they spark and grow over time, and I look back and see a whole swath of time – a week, year, five years – and have no idea how I got so intense.

But this morning I googled “Assia Wevill” and one of the things that came up was this link on Sheila’s blog. And lo! A comment from RTG:

Wow. I can’t imagine that it’s only been four and a half years of being stark-raving mad Sylvia obsessed. And how was there a time when I didn’t know who Assia Wevill was? Crazy.

So thank you, Sheila, for sparking what would become one of the greatest love affairs of my life. You’re a true friend. I’m not sure how I repay that.

And, incidentally, I hereby decree that October 19 is Sylvia Day.

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  1. You are most welcome. You soon surpassed me in fervor, and for that I am truly proud!!

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