The Ground Zero Mosque Must Go

I’ve pretty much stopped writing political stuff because the subject is overwhelming me. I’ve gotten to the point where I am paralyzed by the atrocities that I see happening around me. Any slight protest brings allegations of racism and hatred – things that I know I am not.

I’ve been silent over the economy, the takeovers of the auto industry, student loans, and mortgages. I remained silent when I heard the newest rumor that President Obama is about to bail out 15 million mortgages by forgiving the principle. I’ve been quiet during the Shirley Sherrod incident, even though I felt strongly that she is a racist and her sudden realization that treating a white farmer is wrong was beside the point because the NAACP was cheering her racism and she was eating it up. I’ve been quiet when President Obama condemned al Qaeda not because they are murdering terrorists but because they are racists who allow blacks no advancement inside the organization. I did not say a word as I’ve seen joblessness hover at 10%. I’ve not remarked on the BP oil spill or the fact that Michelle Obama is spending taxpayer dollars on a vacation that most of us can never imagine or the fact that that Arizona can not legally protect its borders. Not a peep was uttered from me over Elana Kegan’s confirmation to the Supreme Court or the neverending extensions of unemployment benefits or the fact that usage of food stamps is at a record high. I did not say a word over the monstrous health care bill after it was passed.

I’ve been quiet because I am scared. Frankly, I’m afraid because I’m trying to publish a book and I don’t want editors to read one of my posts and come away with the reflexive feeling that I am a radical, racist, right winger, because that’s not accurate. But to the left, anyone who is not an Obama Socialist is a crazy racist.

But on the subject of the Ground Zero mosque, I will not be quiet. I do not care if my book never gets published, I will not be quiet for the sake of appeasing the appeasers. No, I will not be quiet anymore.

I am angry. I am angry that my country has become weak and that weakness is symbolized by the monstrosity of the Ground Zero Mosque.

There are plenty of places for mosques in New York City, but Ground Zero is a war memorial. It is a place of unimaginable destruction. It is a place of unhealed wounds. To build a mosque there is to desecrate not only the lives that were ended in that place, but the lives of every man and woman who has died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I never believed I would write these words either, and it pains me deeply to do so, but we should bring our soldiers home. We have no intention of winning the war. Any deaths now are just wasted lives – they die for nothing. While they die, our leaders welcome in the terrorists, welcome Sharia law, welcome the advancement of the terrorists using our own laws and culture against us.

Bring our soldiers home and admit defeat.

Or stop the mosque at Ground Zero, grow some balls, and get serious about defending this country.

Mayor Bloomberg said in defense of the mosque that “we let anyone in.” That is not true. We do not allow in war criminals, Nazis, drug dealers. We have solid precedent to not allow in terrorists if we choose to, but we’re pretty cool with them these days. As long as they have a good backstory (such as Pre Traumatic Stress Syndrome or perhaps being a “Family man from Connecticut”) we tend to look the other way.

I am disgusted with our leaders. I’m disgusted with the state of the USA. I want us to return to a place of sanity. Punish criminality. Bring back some jobs. Quit taxing us to death. Do not allow the Ground Zero mosque to be erected over the graves of the dead killed on September 11, 2001.

And yes, I realize the people who are building the mosque were not the actual perpetrators who killed three thousand people that day. But we don’t know who they are or where the money is coming from, and even if we did, the Muslim history of building mosques over conquered lands is enough to make me say No way. No way, not over Ground Zero.

Oh, and while we weren’t looking, the Flight 93 Memorial is *still* a giant Muslim crescent that points toward Mecca.

Our world has gone crazy. I do not even recognize us anymore.

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  1. Cara,

    Wow. Thank you. I couldn’t have said it any better. You have an amazing way with words . . . thank you for putting my thoughts and feelings into words . . . something I would never be able to do.


  2. Completely with you on this one. I liken the mosque to the Japanese putting a naval recruiting center on Ford Island in 1942.

  3. Christopher says:


    We don’t have to loose the wars, and for myself, I feel that the greater shame is that we have lost the political will as a populace to push through and prevail. Iraq is in the rebuilding phase, and we can stay a little while longer to provide stability (or leave if they ask us formally to go). For Afghanistan- It’s truly ours to loose or win. I just wish we had the leadership and will to do the latter.

    As for the mosque…NO. Shouldn’t be there. Period.

  4. I feel for you Cara — I really do. I don’t mean that in that Bill Clinton trite way of “I feel your pain…” but I really do feel for you.

    As you know, the view from up here in Canada is a little different. And yes, there some substantial political and societal differences between our two countries, but even you would have to admit, or at least consider, that America does not have a better friend than Canada.

    I’ve done business in the States since 1993 I think. I’ve been all over the States, and a spent a lot of time in New York. I had stood on top of the WTC in May of 2001 with my distributor there. And yes, a small printing company in London, Ontario printed more than 4,000,000 post cards of New York City post 9-11. I’m not expert, but I do have a relationship with your country, and my feelings and concern runs deep.

    I completely understand that a mosque at Ground Zero is unacceptable to most people. It is a challenge pushing the limits of our shared values.

    It is not just the large American institutions that have failed you. (…deep breath here…) In many ways, it is near you entire population that has become fat and lazy. Americans are the best entertained and the least informed people in the world. You’ve become distracted – bought into a lifestyle you cannot afford.

    The Americans I thought I knew wouldn’t stand for this. Where are the Americans of history that rebelled – in the streets – against injustices? If Bobby Kennedy were alive – I am sure he wouldn’t be able to stop throwing up if he saw what has become of his generation.

    Anyone who dares question the status quo these days is marginalized and shunted of to the sides. You’ve been presented with so many false choices you have no clue what reality is anymore.

    As empires go, you’ve had not a bad run. If you wish to rebuild, it is going to be a long walk home.

  5. “Americans are the best entertained and the least informed people in the world”…I think this is prejudiced bullshit. What evidence do you have to support this statement?

    You want to talk about people being “marginalized and shunted off to the sides”, look at some of your fellow Canadians, such as blogger Kathy Shaidle and some of her associates, who have actually been *prosecuted* for engaging in forbidden speech.

  6. When the lead story on most news channels is about Lindsie Lohan getting in or out of rehab or jail on the same day more American soldiers are killed in Afghanistan… that’s what formulates my prejudiced bullshit statement and opinion.

    I’m not saying things are all rosy here in Canada. I well acknowledge that. And I am glad to hear that you are aware of Shaidle, probably Ezra and all of that saga…

    Sadly, our current government has taken a page out of Cheney’s book, or Rahm Emmanuel’s, or maybe even going back to Friedman’s approach… taking advantage of crisis (real or imagined) to make substantial changes in policies that have nothing to do with the alleged crisis.

    And yes — it happens here in Canada too. The whole G20 circus and protests were nothing but bullshit. There is a huge difference in the average Canadian psyche than in most Americans’. Most Canucks seem happy to give up rights and liberties if it means securing peace, order, and alleged good government. We are far less individualistic and assertive that way. I’m sure Cara would calls us a collective of whimps. But all of that for another day….

    I want you to know that I tried to consider very carefully what I wrote. I want you to know that I have a great affection for the U.S. I’m not your typical anti-American Canadian. I’m usually the one trying to defend and explain as best I can, what I can, about your country.

    It’s just that part of the way America defines itself, is being this shining example to the world of what justice, democracy, classical liberalism, equal opportunity is all about. Canada doesn’t parade itself around the world telling everyone to be like us. American’s do. And when there is such a dichotomy between the promise and the reality – well — first of all I think it’s sad, and I think it needs to be pointed out and addressed. That’s all I’m trying to say.

    And hey, if you want any of those little label pins with a US and Canadian flag crossed, I’ve got a couple of extras.

  7. David…thanks for the response.

  8. A thoughtful response, David M… it’s good to hear how we come across collectively to others. I would offer one correction – and I know that it’s counter to how Americans may behave or even speak – but what I get is not that Americans demand that everyone be like us, but that we want everyone else to have the same opportunities and freedoms. Going back to WW2, I don’t see that the US cared much that the English and Canadians and others had different traditions and loves and foods and culture, because we were all in the cause of liberty together… and that our actions would restore that liberty to Europe and the Pacific. Nobody had to be able to get a burger, fries, and a cold beer in London, and more than Kansas had to have toad in the hole and warm Harp lager.

    Things have definitely changed. A large part of our “social and ethical betters” have decided that their ways are superior and the large mass of citizens really don’t know well enough to choose well on their own; that forced limiting of even innocent choice we see within our country is a parallel, perhaps, to what you observe of Americans as a whole vis-a-vis other countries. I wouldn’t dream of turning Paris or Amsterdam or Prague into a series of New Jersey strip malls and diners, any more than I would like to do it to Minneapolis or Denver or San Antonio. But I’m only one of the rank and file, and not one of the “people we have been waiting for.”

    In fact, I’d go so far as to say that freedom by definition requires us not to think or behave all alike; that our many choices lead to variety, innovation, constant discovery and learning. It’s far more fun that way. I have long been suspicious of modern multi-culturality precisely because, in practice, it means that everyone must learn and appreciate everything, equally – it replaces a variety of different cultures with a single pastiche that all are commanded to enjoy and celebrate. Lost is the joy of crossing a border (physical or mental), having our eyes open in wonder to a new landscape, and appreciating it all the more, both in the discovery and then in the absence as we return home, planning our next discovery. In order to have an adventure, one requires a boundary, a distinction, a line to cross or a door to open – erasing all of that by calling it “prejudiced” or “closed-minded” has robbed us all and cheapened the very things we were commanded to accept.

    Sorry to prattle so… I feel very strongly on this particular subject, and a lot of my fiction writing keys into this. Being sold this bill of goods my whole life (whether I was buying or not) is enraging. I dislike being told not to dream, not to wonder, and above all not to grow.

  9. I really agree with Cara. This country’s culture is now to serve those that hate us instead of serve the U.S. citizens. I feel sorry for those who lost at 911 and now have to see their own president encourage the building of a non American building that symbolizes the people that attacked there. What Americans citizens think does not matter and they keep screaming racism if you don’t let them steam roll right over your principles. And I cannot stand those people that go out of their way to betray their own people and stand up for muslim rights instead of American rights, it’s completely stupid.

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