Q & A With Andy Sullivan About The Ground Zero Mosque

Several days ago, I was listening to a Rush Limbaugh podcast on my iPod as I was running. Rush took a call from a guy whose voice sent a smile careening over my face. He had that heavy New York accent that I have always adored. It grounded me to my time in New York, to the mixed blessing of Manhattan. But more than how he was saying it, I listened with fascination to what he said. He was passionately opposed to the Ground Zero Mosque.

Maybe it was his accent, or just the fact that I agreed with him, but for whatever reason, his call to Rush stuck with me for days after. Then I received a mass- email from someone asking for assistance spreading the word about the Ground Zero Mosque. I scrolled down and saw that it was originated from an “Andy Sullivan.”

I sent him an email asking if he was the same Andy who called Rush Limbaugh and sure enough, it was him. I was very pleased that he agreed to chat with me. He has begun the Hard Hat Pledge, asking the construction guys in NYC to refuse to build the Ground Zero Mosque.

“We are practically declaring war against our 3rd termer disaster of a Mayor who I would love to confront face to face. The people like myself who have quietly been suffering for the better part of a decade do not need to have a Mosque built on the ashes of our loved ones,” he wrote in a plea for signatures.

Andy is scheduled to appear on Fox on Wednesday morning to discuss his Pledge and bring attention to the cause.

This is the slightly edited version of our conversation:

Cara: Who are you?

Andy: I’m a son of Irish immigrants and have been working with my hands since I’ve been able to pick up a hammer (35 years). I presently am a construction field supervisor for the largest drywall company on the east coast. My labor of love Blue Collar Corner was born out of feelings of outrage and betrayal. No more talking heads telling us middle class how we should feel or what we should think.

Cara: How did you become involved in this cause? Why do you feel so passionately about the mosque at Ground Zero?

Andy: The fact that I was there during the 9/11 attacks and experienced Satan’s trip to downtown, makes this one of the most important things of my life. School mates, coworkers, friends and worst of all my first love of my life all perished in that day of carnage. Not to take anything away from our brave cops and firemen, but it was the 9/11 Hard Hats that were the first responders by virtue of the fact we were there working at the time. Pulling out people victims and remains in the days that followed ate at my soul like nothing I have ever experienced. I can go on about all the double funerals one without a body and one with a tea spoon of remains. I feel sick even writing this now.

Cara: What has the response been to your Hard Hat Pledge? Have you run into any resistance? With the economy in the bucket, it would seem that the temptation is pretty strong among the workers to build the mosque. Are the workers tempted? Or would you say they’re as outraged as you are?

Andy: Its amazing every trade I talk to say the same thing: they will go elsewhere for work no matter how dire their situation ( I freakin love my NYrks). I will not even entertain the possibility of a Mosque in that location.

I am humbled by the nationwide reaction from these people I don’t know showering me with blessings and love. I pray I can protect the memories of the slain and give peace and serenity to the 911 families of whom I pray for every night. We will not rest until I know the Mosque issue is resolved. If they need a building to put their Mosque in, use one that serves no purpose … Like the U N.

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  1. I’ve seen echoes of this idea on our blog since the Landmark Commission made its unanimous ruling.

    I’m so glad it turned out to be more than a rumor. If the MSM has its way, this story will be under a cone of silence — their usual method for dealing with news they don’t like.

    Thanks for doing the interview. In my time in Boston, I knew lots of guys like Andy.

  2. LynReader says:

    Andy, my heart goes out to you and to the hard hats (my sister wears a hard hat) in your fabulous city. There is a lot more to come out about this “outreach” and perhaps when the full truth is known, this abomination won’t be built. As you say, it could go into a useless space, and the U.N. is the most useless space we have. God love you, Andy, and your brothers and sisters.

  3. Every citizen who finds a voice and speaks out like this makes me happy about the future of our country. Speak loud and proud, Mr. Sullivan. You too, Cara!

  4. Odins Acolyte says:

    There seems to be a blight of officials who think they know better than us; who think they rule; who believe they lead. Public officials are there to serve us. They are our servants in government not our rulers or daddies or nannies. They need to listen and do our bidding not what they think is best. It is not their purpose. Their job is to shape government into what the people see fit and nothing more or less. America at large is overwhelmingly against this mosque. If it is built there may as well be a large red target to adorn its dome. Is this what government wants? I am about to take the stance that it is indeed. We are in the gloaming of the Republic. The glory of the ideal shall not die if we make a stand and take charge again. We must change the way some things are done. The old way does not work any more. We continue to get worse corruption with every election. Remove the power from the teeth of government or face the fangs of what the Romans called the Mob. They were the vulgate, the common people, who struck true fear in the hearts of the Roman rulers. Our Senate (Lat: old men) would do well to remember this. It may already be too late…

  5. Andy, my heart goes out to you and all NY. I’m backing you and my city 100%!

  6. Race Bannon says:

    I hate to suggest it but a boycott of NYC may have to happen. Money is the only thing Bloomberg understands, he has absolutly no concept of honor. A boycott until either the mosque is cancelled or better yet, the mayor resigns may be in order.

  7. I support Andy and his efforts.

    I didn’t lose anyone I knew on 9/11, but the thought of a mosque built near the site is an abomination. Never.

  8. Watch carefully … because with today’s unemployment levels and with today’s economic uncertainty, when it comes time to build the mosque, hard hats will line up for the work.

    I’ve been out of work for over a year. I know I would.

  9. Cara Ellison says:

    That makes you a coward.

  10. Coward? Offside.

    Coward? Because he may need to provide for his family? Because Wall Street schmucks have done such a great job of running your country into the ground, drove up with the Brinks truck and looted the last of the treasury? What? All that money the Fed doled out didn’t help get this guy a job? Oh yeah, it just went to banks with no accountability.

    What Cara, you’ve never considered doing something you wouldn’t normally when you’ve needed the money?

  11. Cara Ellison says:

    I’ve never done anything amoral for money. I’ve been broke before, and any bad, immoral thought I ever had was about myself – lowering my personal standards for money (I’ve never actually done that.) But what this guy is proposing is lowering the moral standards of an entire culture. He’s the one willing to shoo the Jew into the oven because he “needs the money.”

    I get that times are tough. That’s why I asked Andy that question. But I don’t think anyone who really cares about our culture or our country would agree to build a mosque over Ground Zero. There are other ways to make money.

    Don’t be weak. Don’t sell out your country because it’s expedient.

  12. I love you too much to get in a brou-ha-ha over this…

  13. I don’t understand how this guy and the hard hats are building on the actual sight? Are they then giving all their earnings to the families or are they profiting from the work. Will they demand to know whom will inhabit these offices and where are they getting their money and what corporations may be involved?Lets get that going……… oy vey.

  14. Joe A. DeVito says:

    Dear Ms. Ellison,

    I found your article on Andy Sullivan and enjoyed it immensely!

    I’ve been emailing out an “idea” for an alternative construction project at ground zero in honor of the victims of 911. I’ve sent the proposal to those with “clout” who might be supportive of providing a “more important” construction project for those workers who, in good conscience, would refuse to build a new mosque at the Park51 (too close to ground zero) site.

    If you would kindly provide an email address that would allow me to send you a copy of my “idea” letter, I would be most appreciative.

    I tried finding an email address on the Blue Collar website, but I didn’t see it in any of the menus posted.

    With so many unknowns going on with this mosque “to build or not to build” situation, I felt that it was imperative to have an alternative (much better actually) project in place!

    Please respond to this inquiry at your earliest convenience.

    Sincerely concerned,

  15. Cara Ellison says:

    Hi Joe, you can find my email in the “About” page. It’s blog dot caraellison at gmail.

  16. Eileen Walsh says:

    Where terrorists destroy our land nothing should be built on that site which gives honor to the very persons and their beliefs which tried to bring us down. Shame on us if we let this happen. The Burlington Coat building was purchased because it was hit by terrorists and then condemned for use. This was not a random purchase and religion had nothing to do with it. It’s a complete lack of respect by the Muslim community to continue with this effort when so many Americans oppose. Eileen W.


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