A Very Bad Day

Yesterday was a bad day in the general. There was the sadness of 9/11. Then my tire blew out while I was driving and I had no idea what to do about it. Then last night, as I was running, a guy reached out and grabbed my breast. After he walked away, I called 911. I also tweeted something – I was in a weird state and probably shouldn’t have done that. But I did. I was upset. So I was waiting for the police and then the guy came back. He shoved me into a hedge of bushes, was trying to kiss me, and his hand went down my pants.

All those times we’ve talked about being prepared suddenly meant nothing. I don’t think I even screamed. I was just trying to get away from him. After a few seconds, he got up and walked away again. I called the police again.

The police arrived very shortly after that. There were two cars. One of them said he’d drive around while the other took my statement. He said, “It seems odd, since there are people around.” He indicated a lively Starbucks literally across the street. I said, “Believe me, it’s odd to me too.”

From around the corner, I saw the cherry and blue lights popping in the darkness, and then the cop who drove around walked with the guy back toward us. “That’s him!” I said to the cop questioning me. Just like on Law and Order.

He tried to look completely innocent. Then the cop said, “Why did you do that?” and the guy said, “I dunno.” The cop asked me a question, I answered, and the coldest little smirk went across the guy’s face. I wanted to scissor kick him but I figured jail and the problems he will face in trying to resolve this will be enough.

As they were arresting him, he said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disrespect you like that.”

I just took a couple of pictures.

While the cop called the prosecutor, he told me I could look the other way so the dude in the back of his car couldn’t see my face. I listened to my iPod and paced the empty parking lot.

He gave me a small piece of paper with the case number on it and then said that was it. He offered to get the other cop to give me a ride home, but I declined. I wanted to finish my workout.

I felt okay last night – just very angry. Today I woke up with the worst pain in my ankle. I can’t put any pressure on it. That’s really the only physical reminder of what happened.

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  1. This is horrible. I’m so sorry.
    I’m glad you’re safe but I know this will hurt you for a while.
    One of my closest friends is Jennifer Schuett and she was a victim of a violent crime and just talking about her experience and feelings has helped her.
    Keeping talking about it and make sure this guy gets what he deserves.

  2. I’m so pissed. You handled yourself great.

  3. Cara Ellison says:

    De and Sheila,

    Thanks. I think I did okay; I’m not sure what else I could have done. I guess after the experiences in my past, I’ve just come to see this had nothing to do with me. I didn’t deserve to be assaulted by this creep. I just have to get rid of the gaggy feeling about him touching me.

    Oh and my ankle hurts like crazy. My foot and ankle are swollen. I’m mad because I won’t be able to exercise today or probably tomorrow.

    Who are these people who think they have the right to just grab whatever they see? And then steal the joy out of my day by preventing me from jogging? He’s a psychopath, I’m sure of it.

  4. The smirk was the giveaway.

    Very glad they caught the guy.

  5. Whoa, that is scary! I’m sorry. A perfectly disgusting way to end a perfectly horrible day.

  6. Cara Ellison says:

    Thanks Sissy!

    De, I just read Jennifer’s website. Holy crap! I remember reading about that recently.  She has my eternal respect. The pictures of her in hospital are heartbreaking, especially the “victorious” one. What an amazing person.

    Sheila, the smirk had “van der Sloot” written all over it.

  7. Cara,

    Saw your tweet. Was wondering what happened. Glad you are OK.

    Way too many creeps in this world.

    Be careful out there.

  8. How unnerving! I’m so glad you’re okay!

    I know you’ve posted before about running at night, and this is what always concerned me- too many ill-intentioned nutty people around thinking they have the right to do whatever they feel like. Even if I go running with my husband in the evenings (and he’s a big guy), it still gives me the heebie jeebies once it gets dark. People just seem to get emboldened because they think they won’t be seen/caught. A friend of mine had a similar experience at the local park. Please be careful.

  9. I’m glad you are okay. Be careful out there.


  10. Cara, glad you’re OK.

  11. Mother pus bucket! What a little fucktard. I’m glad they caught Smirky, and am very grateful that you’re safe now.

  12. Cara — This is horrible. I’m so sorry.

    I have to say this: STOP STOP STOP running at night.


    Take this as a sign from above, okay?? What could have happened didn’t, but this was bad enough.


  13. Cara Ellison says:

    Thank you, and yes, Tracey darling, I’m done running at night. No more. Never.

    I pinkie swear.

  14. if ever there was a time for police brutality…

  15. Did you ever see that video where there are 2 (or 3?) guys, and one of them, as a female total stranger walks by, just reaches out and slaps her butt?

    Then the guy who is WITH the female, just CLEANS HOUSE on the guys. He fights like a boxer — goes into a real boxing stance, like somebody who knows a thing or two about boxing, and just WALES on those guys. Psychologically refreshing.

  16. Glad to hear you’re okay. Consider getting a pistol (and CCW permit) as a companion for future nighttime runs. There are plenty of places and organizations in Houston that can teach you how to carry safely.

  17. observer2000 says:

    I am glad you are OK. It is scary.

    The part that is especially scary is that he came back. If you are alone it sounds like you have to move to a safer location to call and wait for the police.

    Your site is telling the truth about Gov abuse of power but you get assaulted jogging. Scary. Hope your injuries heal quickly.

  18. Cara, go see a doctor (to get it documented) and report the injury to HPD, that will up the charges and make it easier to put the slimeball under the jail.

    Then get yourself to a CHL class and get yourself armed. The next time, blow his worthless brains out and save society the trouble of feeding and housing his worthless butt for the rest of time.

    • Oh, and don’t make the mistake so many people make of just going to CHL training and that is it. Spend some time and money on some tactical defense training as well. You also might want to consider some classes in unarmed self defense as well, such as Krav Magna. there is a place over on 59 and either Buffalo Speedway or Kirby, I forget exactly where on the inbound side of the freeway that teaches Krav Magna. Across the freeway from Lakewood Church/Greenway plaza/Phoenix tower.

      Krav Magna is Yiddish, it roughly translates to “street fighting” and was developed in the 40’s in Germany by German Jews. It is a hybrid martial art without all the spiritual stuff and discipline wrapped up in it. It is all about surviving an attack, nothing else. Think of it as a workout with a purpose beyond simple fitness.

      • Krav Maga is not a martial art. It is a self-defense system, there’s nothing artistic about it. All the fancy stuff is left out so you can focus on the important stuff: survival. Krav Maga’s goal is not to teach you to fight, but to teach you to stay alive.

  19. i agree with Rorschach

  20. Cara Ellison says:

    Observer, I had a weird experience after he left the second time, and I so desperately wanted the police. I think it was the first time I ever *wanted* the attention of the government, and I have to say the cops were great.

    However. Guess what. The guy bonded out and he’s free to do it to another person.

    The prosecutor has to make decisions. I get that. But good lord, maybe focus on actual physical crimes instead of busting kids with pot.

    Or Enron executives who did nothing wrong.


  21. Cara Ellison says:

    Thanks for all the advice and support. I appreciate it.

  22. Whoa! You actually got a response from HPD that quickly? I’m impressed – and didn’t realize that you live in Houston (Galleria area?) But good for you that you got nothing worse. I wish Texans wouldn’t behave that way.

  23. RAUL REGALADO says:

    I agree w/ Rorschach and add that you might get some pepper spray.In addition, the easiest weak points to remember on males are the eyes and groin. A gouge to the eyes, a kick to or grab of the groin and twist will work. The cell phone is good, a whistle can help get attention. Contact me for further comment if you want. Ive been a cop for the last 28 years for a large CA.Law Enf.Agncy dept

  24. Cara–Just reading about this. I am very glad you are OK. Documenting your injury is a good idea, and, yes, stop running at night by yourself.


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