Pat Down Assault

A few years ago I told the tale of my horrific experience at the hands of the TSA while I was traveling from Washington DC to New York to see Sean. With all the focus on over-aggressive TSA procedures, I figure now is a good time to repeat it.

I had been seeing Sean for a few months and I would fly up or he’d fly down every weekend. At first, I carried a sleek black computer bag that I love – it’s buttery soft leather, looks great and travels well. Every time I went through the checkpoint at Reagan National Airport, I’d get secondary screening and they’d test it for bomb residue. After the third time or so, I quit taking it and eventually got into a routine of zipping through the checkpoint.

Then one afternoon while I was still standing at the x-ray machines while my carry-on went through the scanner, a female agent told me I had been selected for secondary screening. I said fine. I thought she would take me into a private area or something, but no. Without blinking an eye she reached over, pulled up my shirt, and began to feel under my bra. I was in front of everyone, and I yelled at her stop. I was completely embarrassed and feeling completely helpless. I pulled away and a big male agent came over and said, “Do you want me to hold her still?”

Another man behind me said, “This is crazy,” and another agent called the police.

The big fat male agent held my shoulders and the lady again put both her hands inside my bra, cupped my breasts, bounced them and then yanked my shirt down.

I was crying at this point. The man holding my shoulders let me go and told me to “straighten up.”

I struggled to straighten my bra, and grabbed my bag and ran out toward my gate. I was completely humiliated. Every person in the line had seen my breasts, they’d seen a female agent molest me and a big male assist her.

You may recall that on Sept. 11 of this year I was grabbed and assaulted by some random guy. He went to jail. But the TSA agent was given a paycheck.

These stories are common now. But the most disturbing cases are those involving children. With those scanners, children’s nude bodies are shown, pictures are snapped, and thus child pornography laws are being violated. Of course, if a parent doesn’t want her/his child viewed by child molesters, that parent can opt to have a TSA agent molest the child right in front of the parent.

You apologists should not attempt to tell me that flying is a privilege. It is not a privilege any more than going to Times Square is a privilege. We pay extraordinary prices to fly commercial, and we’re treated like cattle. It’s a service that anyone can pay for.

Terrorists are Muslim. There’s your profile.

Abolish the TSA.

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  1. I want to cry just thinking about how horrible this must have been for you.
    I just can’t imagine what I would do in your place except to cry hysterically.

    Frankly, I just won’t EVER fly knowing this could legally happen to me.

  2. kenny komodo says:

    I’m a veteran. I served for 24 years and was honorably discharged and retired. I am not a terrorist. I have spent almost a quarter of a century defending my country from the bad guys; terrorists, communists, drug smugglers, whatever. I am not a terrorist. I will not be grabbed and groped by some TSA thug who may have had a bad morning at work or a fight with his wife. I am an American citizen. I am not a terrorist. We know who the terrorists are, let’s focus on that group, ok? It’s young Muslim men, maybe women as well, in the age group of maybe 20 – 35 or so. That’s who the terrorists are. I am not a terrorist.


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