Tonight I Bought

Tonight I bought a spatula. I had dreams of frying beignets on some benign Saturday morning, served with cafe au lait. I would stare at the slender glass vase of natural sunflowers as I tasted the powder sugar, the dough light as a cloud. Yes, Saturday morning was for beignets.

I bought a pasta server because I liked the thought of Friday night spaghetti, the easy meal, the quick nutrition. Tired after a long week, when I wanted not even the company of the man I love, I would sit on my sofa with a bowl of spaghetti, and remember who I was.

I bought a knife. A sturdy knife that would feel coldly competent in my hands as I chopped vegetables. I would throw the tossed cucumbers into a salad, followed by radishes, and maybe jamica. To have a knife is to have health in the palm of your hand.

I bought stainless steel measuring spoons. They have weight and mass in my hand, they tell me they matter. For a long time I was like a 1950s housewife who did not know why she put baking powder into a cake, but now I know the reason anything goes into my cakes. My sweet strawberry cakes, the scant teaspoon of lemon juice… even the smallest ingredient can make a big difference.

I bought a colander, to drain the pastas. I was tired of my kitchenware being mismatched, and thought the colander would be beautiful, holding golden spaghetti or home-made spinach tortellinis.

I bought a stainless steel mixing bowl. For the times when the Kitchen-Aid industrial mixer is just too much, maybe I just want to whip some eggs. Fresh eggs, with a dollop of milk to make them nice and fluffy. Maybe with a little cheese in them… that is how Sean likes his eggs. Oh the mixing bowl, look deeply and you never know what you’ll find.

I bought a saucepan. In honor of the Italian wife I always wanted to be, the sauce pan will hold my experiments in pasta sauces, my small – but successful – soups, my surprise catastrophes, for which I will apologize later.

I bought a shiny new skillet. Sleek and big enough to handle everything from casseroles to cassoulet, my beautiful new skillet promises untold culinary delights.

I bought a cream-colored stoneware lasagna pan – for my signature dish, which needs a beautiful platter for presentation. My lasagna has never disappointed. When I need comfort food, I can bake it while still looking stylish, going from oven to table in one beautiful dish.

And the last thing I bought tonight is …

A 40″ HD TV. No commentary is needed for this one — though I will say I can’t wait until I get it set up!

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  1. I like that backsplash. My project over Christmas break is to put a similar one into our house. I’ve done tile floors before, but never a backsplash. I may have to brush up on some Red Green reruns to get some handyman tips…

  2. Neat! I had no idea that Spatula City expanded their product line!

  3. This makes me so happy for so many reasons.

    Also, I’m coming over now for you to feed me all that food and entertain me with your bitchen TV.

    Or, alternatively, we can sit there on the floor trying to figure out how the hell it works, drinking wine and laughing.

  4. Cara Ellison says:

    That sounds completely wonderful. You have an open invitation, as you know. This has to happen.

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