Initial Public Offering: Cara Ellison

No, not Cara Ellison Corporation, which has been public for nine years. But the person. Me. Would you pay $10 for a share of Cara Ellison? How about $50? That means you would own a piece of anything I produced – a book, a movie, even my income.

The shareholder meetings would be rather riotous, I think.

The question reminded me of my periodic Enron positions, which encapsulates the idea perfectly. When I say I am long on Jeff Skilling I mean it: I want to be a part of whatever he does in the future. Ditto Rex Shelby, Joe Hirko, etc. etc.

So I wonder if it is possible to offer yourself up as a commodity, an investment vehicle, a bona fide product. What’s to stop it?

Jeff Skilling was able to create markets for anything. Surely there is a market for people themselves.

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  1. I think that David Bowie did something like this in the late 80’s or early 90’s.

  2. ilovecress says:

    Isn’t that kind of what you agent does?

  3. This is all just part of your zombie sex cabal. You’re trying to turn us all into zombs clamoring for a piece of you.

    I won’t do it! I won’t have it! No.


    Okay. Fine. Give me the boobs.

  4. ilovecress says:

    I’m not sure what she was talking about, or even understand her post.

    but I agree with Tracey.

  5. It’s an inside joke between Cara and me. Sorry to be obscure. ;-)

  6. ilovecress says:

    You had me at Zombie Sex Cabal.

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