Obama’s Birth Certificate: Is Our Long National Nightmare Over?

Obama released his birth certificate today because, as he says, it was causing a distraction. So $4 gasoline, three wars, 10% unemployment, and his utter failure as a president were not enough to prompt him to release it for the same reason?

I was never a birther – I was only annoyed that he wouldn’t release a document that most US citizens have easy access to. Now that’s he’s released it, I’m curious about why. I am not a conspiracist at all, but I am terrified by whatever Ben Bernanke is going to say today in the first ever press conference at the Fed. Whatever it is can’t be good. And I know enough about politics to realize nothing is accidental. I wonder if Obama released his birth certificate to distract us from whatever the Fed says. If that isn’t the reason, I’m even more curious.

What is wrong with this administration that it plays games like this?

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  1. I’m not a conspiracy buff, but I too have wondered why Obama didn’t just release the darned thing.

    My friends from back in my Society for Creative Anachronism days with Russian personas would say “Don’t watch the hand you are shaking; watch the hand behind the back which may carry a knife.” I just don’t know.

  2. In the course of my reading on the issue I discovered that nowhere in the election process is there a formal certification that the candiadate posseses the principal qualifications to be eligible for president as defined under the Constitution. There are also some conditions which would disqualify the candidate. No independent verification; not from the FEC, the Electoral college, or SCOTUS. As I understand it, the verification is only done within the party during the nomination stage.

    To me this seems like an alarming miscarriage of due dilligence and indeed the cause of this whole mess. Curiously, no one else seems particularly bothered with it. People are too hung up on debating a document’s authenticity or what is considered a standard of proof. What they need to focus on is getting an independent cerfitication process (with a clearly defined standard of proof, of course) put into legislation. It’s really, really, basic stuff.

    • I like this . Congress should rule that mayors on up must have an legal birth certification. I an black and greatly respect the President. But, he had too high of bullshit produrced too be a leader, and I am ready mad at he for how far back he may push the idea that American of African descent can lead this Land I love. If we had a way to insure the birth land before election.

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