May Bookstack 3

I’m trying something new here — Scottish time travel romances. Who would have thought they are an actual subgenre? I had no idea.

Patient Zero is a zombie book. I am way into zombies right now. If you know any great zomb books, please let me know! I am on the hunt!

And the book on the bottom is Courtney Love’s journals. I peeped at it – it looks like a yearbook.

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  1. braaaiiiinnnnnssssssssss

    Still waiting for Gnome Means Gnome! ;)

  2. Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series has me hooked right now. Modern day wizards, vampires (multiple “species”), werewolves, zombies, ghouls, faeries, native American skinwalkers, archangels… you name it, they’re in his books.

  3. I too am obsessed with Zombies and have read much too much of the literature out there. You have to be careful because there is a lot of absolute crap in this genre – however, many are very cheap for kindle so they may be worth an hour or two and 99 cents (I lament my time lost more than the cost of the books). Here are some of the better selections in the genre and some of my favorites:

    Dead City by Joe McKinney
    Pariah by Bob Fingerman
    Dying to Live by Kim Paffenroth
    Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne
    World War Z (of course) by Max Brooks
    Eden by Tony Monchinski

    Brian Keene also has some interesting stuff. In The Rising zombies talk as they’ve been taken over by demons. Not my usual cup of tea but it was interesting. Keene’s Dead Sea is a bit more of a traditional zombie tale, although the infection crosses over between species.

    Plague of the Dead (morningstar series) by Z.A. Recht is also pretty good but the author died without writing the 3rd book so you may want to skip the series

    And finally there’s a trilogy by David Wellington that starts with Monster Island that was also interesting, but not traditional zombie fare (I kind of like the George Romero slow zombie scenarios – Wellington’s books have a lot of supernatural/magical elements to them).

    In any case, enjoy! Let me know if you like Patient Zero – I might have to pick that one up myself.

  4. Cara Ellison says:

    Thank you G! This is a wealth of info. I am psyched to start Patient Zero. I’ll probably start it tonight. I’ll let ya know what I think.

    World War Z looks pretty good. I’ll probably grab that.

    Have you seen or read the new Beatles zombie book?

    • Beatles Zombies?

      All You Need is Braaaaiiiiinnnnnsssss.

      It looks like Ms. Mayhue has a thing for Highlanders…

      I love looking at your bookstack photos. You have eclectic tastes!

      • Cara Ellison says:

        Thanks Nightfly. Yes, Mayhue seems to specialize in highlander fiction. Assuming I like these well enough, I’ll buy the rest of her series.

        I want braaaaaaiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnsssss. Hm, how about a book about zombie Scottish highlanders? Who’s with me?

  5. Cara Ellison says:

    FYI I just bought World War Z and Married With Zombies. Also: What a Rogue Desires, but that’s not a zombie book. : )

  6. I feel I might somehow have contributed to this zombie obsession. Then again, I’m not suuuure ……

  7. Cara Ellison says:

    Of course you are the corruptor of my innocent mind, filling it with images of the roving, blank-eyed dead. Of course. I thought you knew.

    : )

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