Hawker Beechcraft v. Embraer

I haven’t been writing about politics much, but there was an issue that caught my eye.

The military is trying to decide whether to buy roughly equivalent planes from either Hawker Beechcraft or Embraer.

Hawker Beechcraft is an American company. Embraer is a Brazilian company.

Buying the planes from Hawker Beechcraft creates 1400 American jobs. Buying the planes from Embraer creates 50 American jobs.

Buying planes from Hawker Beechcraft safeguards the lives of American female pilots while 80% of women pilots can’t eject safely from the Embraer planes.

Buying planes from Hawker Beechcraft means we can use the planes whenever we want to do it. Brazil’s government can cut off access to parts, thereby grounding the Embraer planes.

Why is this even a hard decision? It’s like a guy looking a skanky biker chick and Natalie Portman and going, “Gee, I don’t know, Natalie Portman is cute, but I really like the Motorcycle tat on the other one’s face. I’m not sure which one I like better.” What’s wrong with people today?

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  1. You’re right of course; there is no doubt which aircraft SHOULD be the obvious choice. The simple fact that the Embraer is even being considered is proof enough to me that our government isn’t really concerned with American jobs or helping our economy. Not to mention the whole female pilot safety issue.

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