Shepard Fairey On TMZ

You know you’re mainstream when…

you appear on TMZ. This is actually an awkward video; Shep sort of snipes at his wife, right in front of the camera. There is nothing less attractive than domestic disputes, in my opinion. In this case, he is pissed and she is stunned to be called out in front of the TMZ guys.

(Sorry about the link; it won’t let me embed).

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  1. OMG Douche! I feel so bad for the wife. There are many different ways he could have handled the situation and that wasn’t one of them.

  2. Cara Ellison says:

    I know. I like his art, but sheesh, dude, do you have to be such a prick to your wife on NATIONAL TV? All that eye-rollinng made me want to smack him.

    And his wife tried really hard to smooth it over. I think we’re getting a glimpse into the relationship dynamic between them and it is less than ideal

  3. Agreed, sister!

  4. john Beam says:

    First off, I know Shepard and this is all Bull Shit. Shepard still does all his own work in the streets. Yes, he has a crew of a couple of guys to help, but he is out there busting his ass. How else do you spread out a 15 or 20 foot image to wheatpaste without some help. She misspoke and everybody is saying that they already knew this was the case. Well the truth is, I have been out with Shepard and he is one of the hardest working artists in the steet art world.

  5. Cara Ellison says:

    I *adore* Fairey. I totally respect what he does. No question. My only pique was how he snapped a bit at his wife – which really wasn’t a big deal. Every marriage has little moments like that so it was no big deal. I think TMZ is kind of jerkish for showing it. But it does make Shep look short tempered. That’s all.

    Honestly, he’s great by me.

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