Two Lost Books

Two different books that I read at two different times are on my mind lately because I can remember very little about either of them and want to re-read them both.

The first was a literary fiction about a young girl with Down Syndrome who is playing hide and seek in the woods with her sibling. The girl wanders off and gets lost. I remember a passage about the girl’s “soft body” (that phrasing always stuck with me.) The child’s body is eventually discovered years later when the snow thaws. It was an absolutely heart-breaking book. I read it some time in the 1990s. Do you know this book?

The second was also read in the 1990s and it was fiction loosely based on the Darlie Routier murders. A woman is coming to death row and her row-mates are prepping for the visit. I remember very little except that I loved that book. Does this sound at all familiar to anyone?

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  1. The first book may:
    place last seen by charlotte mcguinn freeman

  2. Cara Ellison says:

    That’s it! Andie, you found that book for me! It has been driving me bonkers. Thank you!!

    I loved that book. I can’t wait to get my hands on it again.

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