White House Already Spinning New York “Loss”

From National Journal has a fascinating article about the White House’s pre-emptive talk about a loss in New York’s special election to replace Anthony Wiener. Earlier in the day, I came across a similar article in the New York Times. The gist of the whole article boils down to point seven:

7. Special elections won’t provide us with much insight into the degree of anti-incumbent sentiment.

Right. Circle the wagons.

I actually enjoy the sweating and gnashing of teeth among the Left. My prediction is that Turner (the Republican) will win, and the meme will be: “It means nothing about Obama!” That, incidentally, is exactly the same sentiment they expressed when Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s seat. And of course it did mean a great deal. The entire Democrat party took a spanking during the midterms. The election of 2012 becomes brighter and brighter for conservatives.

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