Billionairess Calls Oil Companies Greedy

I love Julia Louise-Dreyfus. She was marvelous as self-absorbed Elaine in Seinfeld. But as a person speaking out about the oil sands and the Keystone pipeline, she’s all washed up.

In a recent video (see the link) she calls the oil sands “an especially dirty form of oil.” There’s some controversy over that because it requires a great deal of water to get the oil, plus it requires a special form of refinery.

But it is morally pristine. There is so much of it that Canada can live quite happily off it for hundreds of years. It could share half of it with its southern neighbors and still live for hundreds of years off it. In short, it is a godsend, not a curse.

What’s more, Louis-Dreyfus says that “rich, greedy guys” are going after this oil.

You may not know this but her family – independent of her entertainment earnings – is worth nearly $20 billion. See, she is a progeny of the founder of the Louis Dreyfus Group – who traffics in petroleum products.

Would she call her family greedy? Why don’t they give all their money away? Better yet, since Julia is the one with the problem with wealth, why doesn’t she give all her money away?

Unlike Julia, who inherited her wealth, her father and grandfather worked for their money. Hard work. They invested, invented, and toiled. She just does a really silly, kicky dance with her thumbs sticking out. Seinfeld was an awesome show. Maybe she should stick to acting.

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  1. A-frickin-MEN! So tired of the nonsense spouted by people like her. She needs to stick to acting and keep her mouth shut.

    Of course, as long as we read or listen to then, we inadvertantly validate them.

  2. How bizarre. Total disconnect, huh?? I love her too, but this is retarded.

    • I lefty libber, and  I Just remember how:
      1 I have revese aid because of my disable and I know many people who are not dumb or lazy,  yet due to factors outside of their control, they will never be a Jeff skilling or dick folds or Ken lay or… This the reason you should not use retarded to describe dumb ass- fuck or people you don’t agree with like her. it not fair to us who are   intellectual disable. Stupid is not retarded, rbeing a dumd ass or beliveing the wrong things is not retareded. Unlike the hateful word for African-america, no one can homely justify hating s born without able to mental do anything due factors of genes or biological. Hating lazy people, or black people or poor people is fine. Stay away from me if do, but thats you chose.Spend time with people who have    intellectual disabilities, then tell me that their are lazy and that you think we should be in jail? Because have cp or downs or something. Or just lock us in homes? Of Couse, not with taxpayers money! After all people chose to be born disable.(joke)
      I choose have that doctor to fuck-up my birth, nearly killing my mom and myself( joke)
      Just c hate the misuse of Enron to mean evil , rethink using retarded to mean dumb. Retardation is a medical condition, not a fucking replacing for dumb, wrong or liberal.

  3. You are ahead of the curve on that one!

  4. Cara Ellison says:

    She was so great as Elaine. I mean, truly gifted. But this is seriously crazy.

    Hey remember when she turned into George from having no sex? “I’m George! I’m George!” So funny. So much more entertaining than being lectured to about the oil sands.

  5. Andie —

    Uhmmm ….. what?? Thanks for the ….. lecture? I’ll go on saying whatever I like, thanks, and you keep doing whatever it is you do. If you are, in fact, intellectually disabled, you are not so disabled as to not be easily offended. Allow me the freedom to speak and you can retain your freedom to be offended. How’s that?

    PS: I have a cousin with Down Syndrome. She has an innocent and pure heart and it’s actually very hard to offend her.

    • Tracey, people like you are why love blogs: it remember me always be clear and focuses me to rethink how I am phasing my agreement. I do want to thank you for that. I have no right tell you what words you csn used. I like saying fuck. But, the idea that’s people one day say,”OMG that’s so ( some thing that would offend you). I’m form the US. I know, of couse  you can said what ever you, that’s your right.  I’m new at speaking my mind thing. I’m still learing. 
      And Yes, when you, as I did, grow up being call retarded, and physical bully, by kids every day for nineteen years it makes you easily offended to the point you want speak out, often woth thinking. And my disable is learning related. And i’m phycail disabled. Yet, throughout my education it was instill in me to find one injustice and try to make it right. Thus, aware of rights of those with intellectually disable is one that I choosen because 20+ years of first hand know. I also tried of being a powerless wiener, and was imspied by cara: if don’t like something do,like, something to chagne it. Trying kill myself or yelling at people like you, in’t not going help any one, if anything it will make  me less preusive. It been a few years since my Comm. Thoery class, again honestly thanks for remind of that. You right also about me sticking what do: talking. I have a print relate learning disable. I don’t sound like a jack ass when talk. On this subject because it so near&dear to me, I keep to my blog and other forms about this topic.
      A part form the disabilities, yes I am a dumb ass and lefty . My dissbities do not make me a fucking idoit, my lack of people skills do.
      Coming off as a bitch happens because I’m naive and well I am young bitch who great goal in life was to get a  college degree.
      “you keep doing whatever it is you do”
      I am lucky to have MW job, and have been told(nicely) to put up your shut up in terms of starting a company or writing a book. But, skocker, I am very insure; the only think have is that I help other disabled young adults and the student on the speech team I coach. Everything esle in my life is runny egg !

      What I do this talk to high school student with disablities about college life. Also, I volunteered at a nonprofit that help people with a disabilities get jobs many are turned do to disability.
      I don’t know how phase this part without sound mean, which not intention, but I know of a lot of young people with disabilities who could benefit, from your cousin grace as gudie. I hear stories of student just want to someone like who have come out on the others side. It not my place to tell you do everything. Especial not after offening you, but, as a disable American with no real roles with my background, hearing someone who has the grace to deal with all of it and understanding to being kind, loving and forgiven is something many could uses to help them get thought.  I know one woman with Downs that advocates for the educational rights of minors with disabilities. 

       Yes, I’m a bossy charrs bitch, and am assuming that your is not a minor but it might cool it she  spoke to the local transition serves programs in the area. This not about me, while disables, I don’t have grace. But, she does that is so much important then know how to orgizens your homework. I’m not trying be a bitch; I honestly this her viewpoint is more valuable then mine.
      Short of that, thank you Tracey. You are right and I am learning.

  6. Tracey, it is none of my ficking business what your cuz does with her life. I apploges if that suggestion cross the line. I just think about all the people more knowloge about the area of disability, grace is hard to hold on to sometimes, yet hearing someone who have it is invariant. The woman who is pushing towards grad school is, also disable phycaily, yet, her grace is what me because she could have 10000 reason or exuses not to xzy, but she does not. So why should let the fact I not read well hold me back? at the last transition confecntion I was at, the people putting were ask about grace, that I call the charactreist that you listed, a perant ask why does there a panel on that, no one had an anwer. But, i have no right focuses my views on your custom. If was wrong of me. Even if i was trying bring nice.

  7. Andie —

    Thanks for your response. I wasn’t offended in any way by anything you said about my cousin. Also, let me make a distinction here: I called what Louis-Dreyfus SAID “retarded”; I did not call HER retarded, nor do I usually call people “retarded.” The term is actually Down Syndrome, to the best of my knowledge, although admittedly, I’m not an expert.

    • I now get that, about the Dreyfus. I just heated, and don’t reason.
      Yet, I glad did because you gave me a good idea for a/ the business plan I been working on: while I know the ” proses” of getting serives: tudors, tech that help with print-related disabilities. I have Cebral-paules. CP, and am very lucky because it mostly  my mortars skills mean ,that while I will not drive, it not life threading. Yet, I have little grace, I will need to find someone to speak on grace in the face of living with disability. I only know this would been so helpful in my youth. I think your cousin has a great chance to be helpful to many young people… Anyone can learn master commutations, but grace is not teachable. And hear it from someone who live it… Means more than words can said.
      Thank you for the inspiration, sorry for the bitchy. 

  8. tracey,
    I now get that, about the Dreyfus. sometime about this issue i so heated, and don’t reason for before acting…
    Yet, I glad did because you gave me a good idea for a/ the business plan I been working on: while I know the ” proses” of getting serives: tudors, tech that help with print-related disabilities. But, you pointed out something: Grace is for valuable then just bossiness, i glad i learn that now, and not later.I still have a great deal of anger about my youth; it was lonely… I am also happy to hear that it was not that way for your cousin.

    I have mind-Cerebral palsy. CP, and am very lucky because it mostly my mortars skills mean ,that while I will never drive, it is not life threading. Yet, I have little grace,so I will need to find someone to speak on grace in the face of living with disability.( a topic that parents required to hear about and many student don’t know how to ask about)

    I only know this would been so helpful in my youth. I think your cousin has a great chance to be helpful to many young people whom disabled … Anyone can learn master the rules of commutations, but grace is not for the most part teachable. And hear it from someone who live it… Means more than words can said.
    Thank you,again, for the inspiration it will help me help others in my area, sorry for the bitchy.

  9. Andie — Actually, I didn’t think you were bitchy at all. I wasn’t aware what your situation was until you explained it to me, so thanks for doing that. I think your people skills may be better than you think they are or give yourself credit for. ALL of us need help with our people skills, not just people with CP or Downs, but everyone. I mean, look, I know some real jackasses who have no CP or Downs, okay? And most DS people are truly lovely. So go figure. We all have our “disabilities.” Some are just more visible than others.

    You said:

    /I will need to find someone to speak on grace in the face of living with disability./

    Uhm, Andie, why not YOU? What if YOU were that speaker? Maybe you don’t need to look any further.

    • I am so sorry for saying that. About the redard thing: you’re not the guy who try to — me because he through it not wrong to foce a disabled girl. It did not happen, for some reason he stop, but always called me that. I not retarded, but I am slower than most people, and have trying being than what others say I am. I am sorry.

  10. Uhm, Andie, why not YOU? What if YOU were that speaker? Maybe you don’t need to look any further
    I don’t have grace or track, most of what I talk about the prosses if finding serives, gowl achiment and the fact that yes it maybe hard but hard does not equal improssable. I have a fisrt hand understanding. but, i don’t have much grace. And by “find someone” I mean that I’m trying to start a non-for-profit that could be a platform of/for people with disabilities on vestry topics, I have a heart for more post secondary- education, others maybe for suited to talk about grace or how to finical different support one may need, or other serves outside of government program. so i need to find others who can speak on this and other topics
    I’m still in the first stages, like i said my background is general speech communication, and i only took one business on Social entrprenurship. I’m have a lot to do, but I feel that this is right or at lest the right way.

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