Since London

* I’ve been wearing Marks & Spencer underwear.

* I’ve said “quid” in casual conversation.

* My house looks like I took the American concept of patriotism and applied it to England. In short, it looks like a souvenir shop exploded in my living room.

* I miss sticky toffee pudding. How come we don’t have sticky toffee pudding here in America?!

* I have mentioned “Her Majesty The Queen” no fewer than one thousand times.

* Obviously, I have turned into a weirdo.

* I miss London. I will be back in June for the Queen’s Jubilee though. That is some consolation.

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  1. Nothing wrong with what your doing. I have more friends in the North of England than I have in my home state. but until you start caring more about English Football than breathing you are not totally an Anglophile ;) YNWA (UK people will know what that means lol)

    An old RTG admirer nice to know you are still kicking around quick aside I finally met “Moonbatty” in person 2 weeks ago in The City first time we have ever met in person. We became friends because of you and glad I have this chance to thank you for that :)

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