Buying At Apple

Today I went to the Apple store to buy this:

I also bought a laptop stand. As I was finishing my shopping I set my products on a counter, whipped out my iPhone, went to my Apple Store app, and paid for my items with my iTunes account.

If the products had been smaller, I’d have thrown them in my purse and walked out, but I needed a bag. The salesgeek was happy to give me one, and out I went. The whole thing took about ten minutes.

It was the most enjoyable shopping experience of my life. No lines. No waiting for someone ahead of me to pay for their items with a temporary check from the Bank of Tehran. Just zip in and zip out.

Perfectly seamless.

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  1. I may be very slow indeed… but what the heck is it?

  2. The mesh is indicative of a microphone of some sorts.

  3. Cara Ellison says:

    Yep, it is a microphone. I love it. It is very 1940s looking.

  4. Starting your own talk show?

  5. Talk to me about this microphone, please. I have a little digital recorder but I’m not happy with it. what’s going on with this fabulous object?

  6. Cara Ellison says:

    It is a fabulous object, isn’t it? I bought it so I could do some podcasts for my Enron blog, but let’s keep it quiet because it is a secret. Ahem.

  7. so you plug it into your iPod? how is the sound quality?

    and mum’s the word.

  8. My guess is you plug it into your computer and open iTunes. But that’s just a guess.

  9. Cara Ellison says:

    No you plug it into the computer, and it works instantly – no drivers, nothing. You just rev up your recorder and go.

    The sound quality is phenomenal. It is very good. I am very happy with the mic. I was looking at several, and this one appealed to me on price, looks, and quality.

  10. I see. So it’s not really good for on-the-fly things – you’d need your computer with you. I need something small and portable to take to these press things I go to.

    But I love the retro look of the thing!

  11. Cara Ellison says:

    Yeah it’s not a mobile thingy. I love that you are doing press things!

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